What wedding photographer does on the wedding day?

Couples often ask me the same question:
What wedding photographer does on the wedding day and why it is so expensive?
So I decided to write a small article about it.

Experts rightly believe that modern wedding photography requires high professional skills and big experience. That’s why top wedding photographers cost so much just for one work day.

Price for the wedding photographer can range from 2,000 to 10,000 dollars for one photo shoot  per day. And this is a fair price, considering all the skills that every wedding photographer should have. First of all, the wedding photographer has to know all the details of portrait photography. He / She may need to make several hundred portraits, many of which have to be highly artistic. In this case it will be images that need to be done quickly, in shooting mode with a constantly changing view of lighting.

For example the newly married couple and the guests were in bright outdoor light, and now they entered the dimly lit lobby, and the registrar. Portraits of themselves will certainly be different in character – from shooting full-length one person to the group photos.
The photographer always needs to be ready to press the shutter button, but it should not interfere with the course of event.

Maybe the couple at the wedding table to stand up several times to shoot with friends, but events such as the exchange of rings or the presentation of a bouquet occur only once during the entire wedding day. By the way it is very important to know how to use modern cameras, light, assistant, people on the wedding day and knowledge of the techniques of computer retouching.
Also, before the wedding I create so cold `to shoot list` that consist from more than 30 items.

Typically, a professional photographer carries two cameras. Not so important, what company has made them. Camera should be switched to the RAW-format. No less attention should be paid to the optics. Best of all use high-aperture lenses.
I also often use professional photo studio light equipment. It’s very helpful when you shoot on sunny day or in dark banqueting hall.

I think that’s all ^_^.

9 comments on “What wedding photographer does on the wedding day?

  1. Great issue. The value of the photographer. Love the text and the reasons. It is a very important issue for our clients. Thanks.

  2. Nice article. Now that’s really clear that wedding photography requires a lot of work and skills. Great job.

  3. Well written lightwriter! A lot of persons just have no idea how much time and resources it takes to do our job as wedding photographers.

  4. Very well said. Many people are surprised to find great photography costs several thousand dollars. They look at the typical eight hour coverage and feel that the prices we charge are a rip off. What they fail to understand is all the work that goes from the moment we schedule the initial consultation to the delivery of their products. Meetings, customized timelines, and album designs take more hours than wedding coverage at times. In addition, they are commissioning an artist with a vision, not just any Joe with a camera. Kudos to you for putting this out there.

  5. This is a great article. I love your post because it makes other people aware how a photographer can produce priceless shots. Nice post!

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