Types of wedding photography

Every wedding photographer has his own unique style of work, preference in the choice of filming locations, favorite techniques in image processing. However, fundamentally the result will affect the form photos that was chosen by the photographer. It can be a staging or reporting. Each has its own characteristics and advantages that married couples before the wedding should know about them as much as possible.

Reporter¬† style. There’s no simulated scenes and strained smiles. Wedding photographer is an observer of events and captures all the most important and exciting moments. Most often, reportage wedding photography is used in the registry office, during the on-site ceremony or wedding. The photographer can intervene in the course of events just asking newlyweds to do all the movements more slowly, gently takes the towel and exchange rings, hold her hand after painting the magazine marriage, sip a glass of champagne first. This will allow time to make a few frames of each rite. Otherwise, the master can only rely on their intuition and responsiveness. Also, reportage wedding photography is appropriate at a banquet, where the newlyweds will dance their first dance, light a candle and cut the family a luxurious wedding cake. Naturally, all these shots must remain forever in the wedding album.

However, there is in the reportage wedding photography and disadvantages. Thus, the result may not always justify the expectations. Indeed, due to nervous excitement before the ceremony married person can not express the emotions that I would like to keep for years to come. And suddenly caught shots of guests and can be frustrating at all. Naturalness – this, of course, well. But each of the groom, and especially the bride on her wedding day you want to be the most beautiful.

In this case, without staging a wedding photography can not do. This does not mean that frames are obtained banal and boring. After all, a fantasy wedding photographer will allow him to offer to each pair of something totally new and interesting. Formulation is better to do during a walk, when there is enough time to work. The photographer can offer a few portraits, which with the help of light, background and other details emphasize the softness and beauty of the bride or groom’s virility and charm. You can also come and play the whole scene, which will be the participation of not only the couple but also the witnesses or other guests. In addition, this type of wedding photography allows you to use a variety of attributes, such as a lace umbrella, hat, musical instruments and much more. Creative approach in this case warrants a unique and remarkably beautiful wedding photos.

Of course, you can ask a wedding photographer working all day just in the genre of reportage,  to try, even during an official ceremony to pose and smile constantly. However, the win-win option is a combination of both types of photography. Then, in a wedding album will be married as photographs, filled with genuine feelings and emotions of joy and the pictures on which they look like beautiful stars from glossy magazine covers.

PS: very good article about wedding photography in Wikipedia.

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