Wedding photo shoot


I just returned from wedding photo shoot. I was invited to the fabulous wedding of Alex and Nadia. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to be part of their beautiful holiday. Please accept my sincere congratulations! I wish you happiness and good luck!

A few photos from your Big Day:

wedding photo shoot

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Types of wedding photography

Every wedding photographer has his own unique style of work, preference in the choice of filming locations, favorite techniques in image processing. However, fundamentally the result will affect the form photos that was chosen by the photographer. It can be a staging or reporting. Each has its own characteristics and advantages that married couples before the wedding should know about them as much as possible. Continue reading

Before and after

Photographers & clients often asks me how I created my photos  what camera settings was, what lenses and lightning I use…
But they forget about Photoshop magic, eyes and brains :) .

For example this photo was taken with old Canon kit lens 18-55 mm (it cost about $100) in small flat on the wedding day.


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