Secrets of portrait photography

It’s me in my studio in LA. I shoot myself using the timer in my camera. So you even don’t need a model to create cool pictures.

The first thing which every photographer wants to shoot is portrait or headshots. Someone practice in photographing friends another goes directly from landscapes to people. In fact, create portraits – it is not an easy task. Portrait photography is much more complicated than it may seem at first look. So, if your want to make it good, you need to spend a little time and attention to this article. Low-quality image is often a cause of bad mood, and even depression. So, if you want to learn how to shoot beautiful faces, read it to the end  ^___^.

Ok, there is a few secrets of portrait photography!

Secret one.

Always try to start from selecting of the background even if this background exists only in your imagination. This advice applies not only for portraits, but also all other types of images. First of all, background must focus on the person you are photographing.  The best background should be neutral to the object and shouldn’t have any outstanding details. In practice, the background can then be processed but it is better to pay attention to such detail.

Secret two.

Pay attention to your eyes! The basic rule of photographers when you are photographing portraits focusing on the eyes of the man. The first thing the audience sees- the eyes, and then they would consider the whole picture. Focusing on the eyes and do not forget about emotions and composition. Strong emotions will save even the most hopeless picture. You can simply ask the person to smile, do something crazy :) . Such manipulations make it possible to make photos more interesting. It was the second secret of a successful photograph.

Secret three.

Let’s talk about lighting. You need to understand:

photography = light

Lighting, plays very important role. However you need to understand everyone with the same lighting conditions will look different. Direct light can be profitable to emphasize the oval face, and when the evening light line can be blurred. Properly ranked lighting can accentuate a subtle detail. Another tip – take pictures in sunlight – is not easy. Direct sunlight can score a shot. So the secret of portrait photography is in the use of different light sources and reflectors. Often to do a great picture you need just one reflector.

Secret four, the last one.

Select the correct position. Another criterion for the success of your shot is properly selected model, makeup, hair and dress. Do not limit your imagination horizontal or vertical images. Try to capture the object at different angles.
Do not be afraid!
Do not be shy!
Do not be lazy!
Do even what seems impossible, because the portrait photography it is continuous experimentation and fun.

Play with it!

Good article about portrait photography 

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  1. Hello I just moved to San Diego from Redondo Beach. I just graduated from The Art Institute of California two months ago and graduated with my Associate of Science
    in Digital Photography. I am looking to intern with someone amazing and I specialize in Fashion Portraits. I think your work is amazing and inspirational! If you ever need a extra hand or can give me feedback on my work it would be much appreciated. I imagine you are very busy editing and editing and more editing!
    310 272 0420

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