How to save money on a wedding day?
Marriage is a very costly affair, and therefore the couple getting ready to spend a lot of money  to the organizers, photographers and other members of the wedding day. But you can do everything much more interesting and cheaper. You can even save choose to pay the bills or save your money for your wedding on a digital bank like Starling Bank. This bank is one of most trusted banks out there as stated on this starling bank review at

In order to determine on what can be saved, but on what is not, I list all the main areas of expenditure at the wedding in my wedding photographer blog.

So, without whom there is no marriage? That’s right, without the bride and groom. They are the decoration of the wedding. So the first item will be:

1. Wedding dress, bridal jewelry, hair, makeup and all the surrounding gorgeous accessories.
2. Suit for the groom, shirt, tie, shoes, cufflinks, belt…
3. Wedding rings. You will need to wear them to the rest of yours life, no matter how magnificent was the wedding.
In my opinion, all of the wedding entourage and shopping, especially important in these items.

Additional expenses, such as a wedding car with children, professional photographer, videographer, banquet, music, leading – it costs, on which it is possible to refuse, the main thing is that the couple love each other.

Wedding is a celebration of  love.
On this day, two loving hearts forever united and ready to go hand in hand to the rest of their life’s. They are preparing for the wedding day very carefully, picking up beautiful clothes, jewelry, do unbelievable hair, makeup and many other things… Do not forget that day consist from 24 hours. But both want to make these moments of happiness lasted forever, that the mood of the holiday was accompanied newlyweds a lifetime.

Good wedding photographer should capture  the brightest, the most emotional moments of the happy wedding day. They leave live these moments on pictures and in wedding albums ever! Do you have the opportunity to experience these moments of happiness again and again. Share these memories with family and friends. Experience, remember and enjoy it forever.

So, in my very humble opinion on the wedding day, the money you spend should be on:
1. Wedding dress, bridal jewelry, women’s haircuts and all the surrounding accessories.
2. Dress the bride, shirt, tie, shoes, cuff links, belt.
3. Wedding rings.
4. Professional photographer.
And the rest – is not important so you can save ;)

PS: I wrote four points, which in my opinion the most important. And what will happen at your wedding will depends from you.

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