How to choose the right wedding photographer. Part 1.

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In life, each person has about a dozen turning points. All starts at school then college, first love, the first serious work, wedding, family, children …
Soon I will have a problem to select a right wedding photographer for me :) . By the way I’m a wedding photographer and I shoot more than 250 weddings in 9 countries.

You need to decide on the amount of money you are willing to pay. Estimate the optimal amount and the maximum. There are a lot of offers in the market with different price.

Good photographers will be expensive,  $4000 a day of shooting and it is not a limit. I hope many of them are professionals,  they earn their money for living only from photography. Some of them even enjoy weddings like me :) .

Also if you are lucky you can find a talented enthusiast, for which filming weddings – a hobby. For example 6 years ago I shoot very chip for my friends. In any case evaluate the level of the photographer shots, not the value of his services, books, equipment, office…

Just look to the pictures.
Look to the wedding masters, to critically look at the crafts of local photographers. Maybe a little bit sharply, but really – the level of the photographers can be very different from beginners to the real professionals. In my opinion 80% of wedding photographers shouldn’t shoot weddings at all.

Decide what you want from the images themselves – originality, or classic portraits like in the traditional old style wedding shoot. Looking through thousands of photos, you will understand what you need.

Equipment – it’s not the main criteria for choosing a photographer.If one equipment cost more than 30 thousand dollars and another just SLR for 2 thousand dollars.  It does not mean you have to choose one who has more ammunition – not the fact that he\she knows how to use all these stuff.

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