How to choose the right wedding photographer. Part 2.

The first part of the article ` How to choose the right wedding photographer` read here.

How to choose the right wedding photographer

So you have decided on a style of the wedding photo shoot and found several suitable photographers for a wedding. Some times you have a situation in which cost and quality of several photographers about the same, but one of them offers something more appealing for the same price. For example, a large number of images on a disk, printed over 100 photos or photo book as a gift.

To help you make the right choice, let’s talk about popular wedding photography myths.

Option 1: wedding photographer has a lot of pictures on the disc.

In fact, the number of shots affect the length and saturation of the wedding day. Here is the simple arithmetic: you ordered a 10:00 shoot, the photographer promises to provide you with 1500 photos. Approximately 2 hour (maybe more) of which you and the photographer will spend on the various fees and travel (to get the groom to the bride, after the foreclosure to go down to the cars and wait until all sit down to go to the registrar, etc.). Total 8:00 left, when the photographer can shoot, or 480 minutes. Divide 1500 by 480, we get three shots per minute.
By the way I usually have about 700-2000 pics on a disc for a 10 hours wedding photo shoot.

Option 2: the photographer provides a large number of printed images.

In this case, all is much easier. You need to ask is all printed pictures a professional touch-up? And if `yes`, understand that the cost of services is high enough to pay all its  process. At a low price raises the question about the quality of retouching. Also you need to understand that different photographers or designers do retouch in different ways.

Option 3: the cost of similar services, one of the photographers offers a photo book as a gift.

The cost of a normal high quality printing photobooks is high enough to offer it as a free app. High-quality photo book can go a gift from the photographer, when you order a large number of hours of shooting, and the total amount of the order obtained by a solid. In this case the cost will be included in the minimum number of turns. Again, the photo book with individual design and styling will always be apart of the proposed service.

My lovely couple, this article was written for you to explain the “wedding photo business”. Listen to your heart and you choose the best photographer for the wedding!


The first part of the article ` How to choose a right wedding photographer` read here.

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