Wedding photo shoot


I just returned from wedding photo shoot. I was invited to the fabulous wedding of Alex and Nadia. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to be part of their beautiful holiday. Please accept my sincere congratulations! I wish you happiness and good luck!

A few photos from your Big Day:

wedding photo shoot

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Head shoot retouching

Retouching a portrait based on the frequency decomposition.







A lot of people ask me to show how I create my pictures.
So I decided to start my story…
It’s my first post about retouching and post production.

First of all I convert picture from RAW to Tiff or JPG. While files are converting I go to kitchen and take a BIG cup of tea :) . After that I open a PhotoShop. I often use retouching based on the frequency decomposition of images. Than I change colors, shadows, back ground and liquefy model.

Thats all.

To retouching this pictures I spend about 1 hour of my life.
More pictures you can find in my portfolio.

PS: I think now you have much more questions :)