What wedding photographer does on the wedding day?

Couples often ask me the same question:
What wedding photographer does on the wedding day and why it is so expensive?
So I decided to write a small article about it.

Experts rightly believe that modern wedding photography requires high professional skills and big experience. That’s why top wedding photographers cost so much just for one work day.

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Secrets of portrait photography

It’s me in my studio in LA. I shoot myself using the timer in my camera. So you even don’t need a model to create cool pictures.

The first thing which every photographer wants to shoot is portrait or headshots. Someone practice in photographing friends another goes directly from landscapes to people. In fact, create portraits – it is not an easy task. Portrait photography is much more complicated than it may seem at first look. So, if your want to make it good, you need to spend a little time and attention to this article. Low-quality image is often a cause of bad mood, and even depression. So, if you want to learn how to shoot beautiful faces, read it to the end  ^___^.

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How to choose the right wedding photographer. Part 2.

The first part of the article ` How to choose the right wedding photographer` read here.

How to choose the right wedding photographer

So you have decided on a style of the wedding photo shoot and found several suitable photographers for a wedding. Some times you have a situation in which cost and quality of several photographers about the same, but one of them offers something more appealing for the same price. For example, a large number of images on a disk, printed over 100 photos or photo book as a gift.

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Types of wedding photography

Every wedding photographer has his own unique style of work, preference in the choice of filming locations, favorite techniques in image processing. However, fundamentally the result will affect the form photos that was chosen by the photographer. It can be a staging or reporting. Each has its own characteristics and advantages that married couples before the wedding should know about them as much as possible. Continue reading

How to choose the right wedding photographer. Part 1.

wedding photographer

Wedding photographer tips…

In life, each person has about a dozen turning points. All starts at school then college, first love, the first serious work, wedding, family, children …
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Before and after

Photographers & clients often asks me how I created my photos  what camera settings was, what lenses and lightning I use…
But they forget about Photoshop magic, eyes and brains :) .

For example this photo was taken with old Canon kit lens 18-55 mm (it cost about $100) in small flat on the wedding day.


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